Collaboration is key for supply chain innovation

Source:                Date: 12/03/2019

Being faster, better and cheaper than the competition requires colleagues, partners and stakeholders across an entire supply chain to work together. From same-day-delivery by drone, to blockchain and robotics , tales of new technology are catapulting supply chain innovation on to the front page.

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Blockchain Technology: It’s More Than a Luxury

Source: Date: 25/02/19

For supply-chain partners, blockchain technology promises an immutable record of provenance, as products pass from hand to hand. And which industry stands to benefit more from that capability than luxury goods? Jewelry and other big-ticket items are distinguished not just by price, but by uniqueness. Determining the origin, location, condition and ownership of each individual piece is therefore essential.

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Blockchain can revolutionise Industry 4.0 - but we need to move from pilot to production soon

Source: Date: 26/02/19

MWC19 Blockchain technologies are set to have a key impact on the supply chain - but there is still a long way to go before we see the leap which the promise has predicted.

That was the primary message from an intriguing session at MWC Barcelona today which focused on Industry 4.0 and how blockchain will influence logistics.

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OEMs face technology investment challenges for a changing supply chain landscape

Source:  Date; 20/02/19

Around the world, technology decision-makers at automotive OEMs and their suppliers are wrestling with some difficult decisions. How can they digitalise their supply chains in order to compete more effectively in the industry today, while at the same time preparing those supply chains for major disruption down the road?

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Aus and NZ adopt PEPPOL e-Invoicing framework

Source  Date: 01 March, 2019

Australia and New Zealand have announced that they jointly intend to adopt the Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) interoperability framework for e-invoicing.

This framework is currently used for e-invoicing in 32 countries across Europe, Asia and North America.

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Coming up with a strategy for transformation

Source  Date: 08/02/19

CHEP is transforming itself to meet the demands of an automotive industry going through some radical changes in terms of product and process. Murray Gilder, CHEP’s vice-president of automotive in the EMEA region, explains that the company has a unique insight into packaging engineering and the supply chain to help its customers through a period of instability.

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Why Smarter Freight Payments Begin With The Invoice

Source:  Date: 28th Feb 2019

Money drives any business, but in the freight and logistics market, business cannot occur until funds are moved. Considering how crucial seamless payments are in the market, it’s concerning that issues like payment delays, errors and fraud remain so prevalent.

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