454 EDI Services (454) is a company that provides a range of Professional services to organisations of all sizes, in all sectors. We provide our clients with specialist advice to manage, support and improve their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and collaborative commerce initiatives.

454 strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. Our aim is to help them realise the significant business gains and continued growth they are aiming for. We do this through a culture of partnership, with a focus on the delivery and commercial success of our client's EDI and collaborative commerce initiatives.

Using this customer-centric approach, 454 has established a sound reputation for supplying outstanding Professional services to organisations in all sectors of manufacturing, retail and distribution.

 454 Hersham location

Founded in 2004 as a Training and Consultancy company, 454 have also delivered services for software and service providers such as Eqos and GXS, both innovators and leaders in the collaborative commerce and EDI markets.

Our goal is to be the best in our field. As B2B e-commerce has evolved from its traditional EDI roots to embrace all kinds of Internet technologies and applications, 454 have expanded its service offerings to meet the challenges of modern B2B e-commerce.

Our mission is to provide our clients, big or small, with advice and services that are right for them, their brand, their customers and their trading partners. No matter how simple or complex their data exchange challenges are, we are there to help them make full use of the advantages that EDI and collaborative commerce can bring to their business.

Looking for more information? If we have inspired you with ideas and would like to see how using 454 can add value to your business or perhaps you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We’re looking forward to working with you!